Mike Carnevale was arrested three times by Broward County, Florida law enforcement for trying to run his gym business during the lockdown. Now he joins us online to tell his story.

This important episode commences with Glenn honoring his son Isaac on his 27th birthday, and explaining why he had so many kids, why he is libertarian, and the cancellation of Dr. Cass Ingram. Then we learn about: Mike’s background and political evolution, why he initially agreed to have his business comply with the pandemic shutdown, his change of heart, his three separate arrests (one including his wife Jillian), his pending law suit against Broward County, why the process has produced a “radical humility” in him, the Patriot Act, why the powers that be will never let us go back to normal, his experience with a New Jersey gym owner in a similar predicament, the need for classic liberals like Naomi Wolf and Glenn Greenwald to step up, the setting of Mike’s trial, what he would do in jail, cancel culture and the Obamas, the next important date on his sojourn, plus so much more! Follow Mike’s journey @ MikeCarnevale.com. It ain’t going to be boring.  

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