Many people think of labor as a "four letter word" - work. In this episode we learn how and why to make work a "labor of love". 

It all starts with references to Don Rickles and "Kelly's Heroes", Glenn's contemplated move to Ecuador, Hannah's labor with Ella, missing Isaac's delivery, and the history of the labor movement visa vise humanity's desire for power and control. Then we learn: why Da Coach only reads nonfiction, of applying Nike's famous slogan to your life, about the importance of gut health for the central nervous system, what happens when you "labor" in your true identity, about universal truth, about the benefits of laboring in mindfulness practice, plus so much more! It ain't going to be boring.  

This episode commences with Da Coach explaining: why there are no original thoughts, why we all are now “the creator”, and why he doesn’t “believe” in God. Then we learn: about his trip to Israel, how a smell of diesel fuel produced great memories, why there will eventually be no borders but it’s too early right now, about enjoying the dog days of summer, Augustus Gloop Days, hiccups on vacations, Pitlik’s Sand Beach Resort, Dawn’s missed flight, laughing now, “missed takes”, forgiving a child molester, why positive childhood memories produce the most stable adults, plus more! It ain’t going to be boring.         

The month in which we celebrate the birth of American freedom is the launching off point for July’s Glenn Klein Online Podcast. We learn: why the USA is indeed the freest country in the world, why the  Free State of Florida is a reflection of the entire USA, how to live free in an increasingly un-free world, what percentage of the population it takes to win a revolution or a draconian lock-down, how the Sun Bar stayed open during the entire pandemic, religion's battle with freedom, power and control, Glenn's friend and Presidential Candidate the late great Harry Browne, how to walk free from mental illness, and John Adam’s closing argument prior to the vote to separate from Great Britain, plus so much more. It ain’t going to be boring.

No “June gloom” here! You’re Righteous Summer Tour 2022 is well underway. The “organized fun with a purpose” continues with this month’s episode of GKO. Da Coach reminds us of how to consume information—just like eating cherries! Listening to this 35 minute jam-packed podcast will not only encourage you generally but will give you specifics about how to stay healthy and avoid getting cancer. We learn: what percentage of cancers are lifestyle-based, the #1 cause of cancer and #1 way to avoid it, the critical nature of genetics, gut health and mindfulness practice, hypno-therapy, nicotine vs heroin, plus so much more! It ain’t going to be boring.       

This lucky Friday the 13th episode of Glenn Klein Online commences with Da Coach explaining the history of the superstition of the day, why Rich Cohen is his all-time favorite author, and about their shared connection with Camp Menominee. Then the New York Times Best-Selling Author returns to us online to talk about his latest tome, his 14th.. This one is about his famous father. “The Adventures of Herbie Cohen: World’s Greatest Negotiator”.

In this wide-ranging podcast, the guys discuss: why athletes don’t wear the number 69, changing things in life and Rich’s personality, Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Bobby Orr, Michael Jordan, George Halas stopping his interview with Glenn, why Rich ended up living in the New York area after growing up in Chicago, how the pandemic impacted people’s response to Rich’s book “Pee Wees”, why former Chicago Bear Doug Plank was so fascinating, Rich’s friendship with the late great Rolling Stone Charlie Watts, another one of Rich’s friends and book subjects the incredible Jerry Weintraub, and, of course, all about the incredible journey of his Dad Herb Cohen including being Larry King’s best friend, his work with the Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton administrations, his dad’s sense of humor, philosophies, stories, how they have impacted his son, the world, plus so much more. This will be a treasured podcast for you. It ain’t going to be boring. .         

Glenn Klein Online marks the 20th Anniversary of his conversations with one of the greatest sports broadcasters in history, Tampa Bay Rays TV Play-By-Play Man, Dewayne Staats.

While we have heard Dewayne on air for decades, you may never have heard him like this. The episode commences with our host rehearsing: how he exorcised the “Devil” from the Rays, his successful April Fools’ joke last week, how Rush Limbaugh got him fired, and getting dumped from his award winning talk show in Milwaukee after asking a question about hockey. Then we learn: how Dewayne’s broadcasting career almost never happened, how he has gone 45 years announcing Major League Baseball, about the late great Dan Kelly, about Vin Scully’s tragedies, how Dewayne has dealt with tragedy in his own life, about his formative years growing up near St. Louis, what it would take it for Dewayne to shave his iconic mustache, dealing with mental illness, the importance of spirituality, Carla Staats being a big fan of Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Joe Dispenza’s research, the Rays late Jean Ramirez who succumbed to suicide during the off season, the best advice for someone suffering from suicidal ideation, about the effectiveness of prayer or meditating “the truth”, why a deal was struck ending MLB’s work stoppage, the movie “Thirteen Days”, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Dewayne “channeling” Cold War era Secretary of State Dean Acheson, how the Rays’ stadium search will ultimately conclude, the Las Vegas Athletics, the “Rays’ Way”, Ron DeSantis, George W. Bush’s past in baseball and the time he asked Dewayne for his take on a potential trade, Baseball’s Power Rankings, why the Rays should be “America’s Team”, Glenn’s son Angel’s closing anthem “We are Love”, plus (believe it or not) so much more! It ain’t going to be boring.          

Jon, the owner of JB Communications in Chicago and a former camper of Glenn’s at Camp Menominee in Eagle River, WI is our special guest.

The show commences with Glenn rehearsing: why this is the last one, the many incarnations of GKO over the decades, embracing THE truth, his experience at WRJN with colleagues Tom Karkow and Mike Clemens, WMEN Camp Radio, Cory Provus, Rich Cohen, WXPR Public Radio, getting fired because of Rush Lmbaugh, Dawn’s impact on camp, Hannah and Angel’s “mean” relationship, using sports and current events for his coaching, his book “Early Wake-Up Call” and the response of some people to it (but not Jon’s). Then we learn about: Jon’s involvement in leaving a waitress a $800 tip at the “Best Breakfast Ever", his “hitting rock bottom”, the guys’ experience and some of the history and boys at Menominee including an epidemic at CM where the CDC was called in by Jeff Schwartz in 1978, da Coach’s mentor Al Lewis, Bob Bender, channeling camp owner Alan Wasserman, other CM owners Nate and Edna Wasserman, Steve Kanefsky, Jason Feldgreber, Menominee and Camp Marimeta as camping pioneers, the importance of camp for children, the Nate Wasserman Camp Fund and Camp for All Kids, Jon’s latest fitness journey, Richard Klein’s weight training modality, Jon’s ideal woman and why he waited until 40 to get married, Steve Moe and breathe work, Scott Marland, John Pelts, Willie Zimberoff, Jon’s new nickname plus (believe it or not) so much more. NSWF or children. It ain’t going to be boring.      

This timely episode benefits from Glenn Klein Online’s son and frequent guest Jacob Klein's return to the show. It all commences with Da Coach rehearsing: how he learned Angel’s joke, being clumsy and a defensive aggressive driver, what being supernatural actually means, violence as a solution, what was the dynamic at play prior to Will Smith-Chris Rock's altercation, what Will should have done, why Chris made that joke, the precedent that was set, Will’s awful apology, and breaking past patterns of behavior. Then we learn about: Jacob’s farm and his RV home the legendary “Breaking Bud”, the importance of changing your thinking, why his company is called “Jingleheimer Schmidt Pharms”, Jake as a stand-up comic, being inebriated at key life moments, Harry Caray, Jim Carrey, Tom Brady, Tony Robbins, Tucker Carlson, “I’m Dying Up Here”, “Crashing”, open marriage, Don Rickles, Hollywood as a moral compass, Louis CK’s apology and how Will could have apologized, killing comedy, choosing “tribes”, how authoritarians sew the seed of their own destruction, plus a crap load more. It ain’t going to be boring. NSFW. .   

Getting to the top in any endeavor, and staying there, is at best a major challenge. Longtime award winning Tampa Bay sportscaster JP Peterson joins Glenn Klein Online to discuss what it takes to be the best and specifically will take for the two time defending Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning 3 Peat this spring.

The episode commences with our Host and DA Coach rehearsing what has happened in the last 48 hours including his getting to see his soon-to-be-born granddaughter on a virtual 3D ultrasound again, the Bolts results over the weekend, finding your “happy place”, humans as energy grids, the story of Phil and Stacy’s love affair, why certain relationships are mean, how “work” has become a “four letter word”, efforts to change the Tampa Bay hockey vibe and if it made a difference, the impact of Lightning owner Jeff Vinik on the team and community, and what it takes to repeat let, alone 3 peat, as champions. Then we learn about the bone Glenn has to pick with JP, all about JP’s sojourn in broadcasting, why Glenn returned to Tampa, why JP left AM 62O even with stellar ratings, what the recent job listing for a new Lightning play-by-play announcer was all about, appreciating being a Tampa Bay sports fan right now, FSU and Buccaneers legendary broadcaster Gene Deckerhoff, Lightning Head Coach Jon Cooper, the Bolts’ prospects for a 3 Peat in Tampa Bay plus so much more. It ain’t going to be boring.   

Our Host and Da Coach Glenn Klein Online brings it strong on today’s podcast about his two-time defending Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Club and encouraging fans and people everywhere to understand the importance of the energy and “switching it up”.

We celebrate Glenn’s granddaughter’s Caroline’s second birthday, learn why he loves sports and does stuff like: get up in the morning, this show, the “We Love Our Boys Campaign” with Katherine Ward, how he responded to Josh Allen’s criticism, plus a crap-ton more. Even if you can’t stand sports or are not a Bolts fan, you and yours will benefit immeasurably from this GKO. It ain’t going to be boring. Angel Gabriel’s glorious “We are Love” anthem closes out our time together.

P.S. After this show, the Lightning won their next two games.    

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