With the process well underway of the impeachment of the 45th President of the United States of America, Glenn Klein Online proffers his unique viewpoint on this historic moment.

The Coach is not a Democrat or Republican or a member of either “team”. So, as “Your Play-By-Play Man and Color Analyst for Life” he is able to call it from a relatively objective perspective politically, historically, psychologically, and spiritually with an optimistic eye to the future. Get ready to be informed, entertained and inspired.

It ain’t going to be boring. Adult Language.  

What does skin cancer, baseball, Mercury Retrograde, mental health awareness and suicide prevention have to do with our mandate? Regular listeners understand all about our holistic approach to life on this quality podcast. This episode demonstrates it wonderfully as Dr. Steve Arkin rejoins us for an amazing hour and why we uploaded to both Glenn Klein Online and Sex in the Pews.

Doctors Steve and Karen Arkin’s son Jason succumbed to suicide while studying at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. We learn why it is so important to eliminate the term “committed suicide” and how these grieving parents coped in the immediate aftermath of their son’s death and how Speak Up (Suicide Prevention Education Awareness for Kids United as Partners Foundation) resulted. You will hear of the progress being made in the whole area of mental health, combating the stigma associated with it, how one little girl’s outreach to the Arkins led to the just released documentary “Jason Arkin: The Speak Up Story”. The Coach concludes with some insight and practical advice on eliminating “stinkin’ thinkin”. For without a healthier functioning brain, one would be hard-pressed to enjoy life in general whether it is sexually, spiritually or socially. This one ain’t boring and may save someone’s life.

Adult content. A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking and genital mutilation.

This episode with New Jersey-based Businesswoman, Certified Life Coach and Empath Dawn Schale is so powerful we wanted to share it on both the Glenn Klein Online and Sex in the Pews podcasts. So, we did! Dawn tells her story of triumph through an tumultuous emotionally abusive childhood, 20 years in an extreme religious sect and relationships with manifestly insecure men. Dawn brings her unique energy, give and perspective to help beautiful humans redefine, reclaim and emerge into a fresh way of living.

Glenn starts by telling of a recent conversation with former Rabbi (and future guest) Elie Benhiyoun who he met through our power rotation member Eliot Andre (who will be on Wednesday’s show). The Coach explained to Elie, and does the same for our listeners, how all “religious” terms like grace, repentance, gospel and even the word “religion” itself have actual meanings and how empowering it is to the human soul to increase in knowledge and understanding. This dovetails seamlessly with Glenn and Dawn speaking about the so-called “law of attraction” in contract to “energy connections. Then Dawn begins telling of her experience with egregious emotional, mental, religious and relational abuse and how she overcame it through applied practical psychology, life’s wisdom and her intuitive gift. Discover how you can find “find your home” and emerge from your own struggles and sufferings.

It definitely ain’t going to be boring (and could change your life)!

NSFW or children. Strong Sexual Content, Language, Humor, Insight and Condemnation of Religion.

This is a special GKO / Sex in the Pews Simulcast, because this is a topic everyone needs to hear!

Four years ago Jason Arkin succumbed to suicide while a student at Northwestern University. His parents, Doctors Steve and Karen Arkin decided to turn their unspeakable grief into a tribute to Jason’s all-too-brief but remarkable life. They, along with the Doss family who also lost their beloved Sara to similar circumstances in 2015, purposed to take these tragic events and to rise from the fiery ashes and create the Speak Up Foundation. They are united in breaking the silence and reducing stigma surrounding all mental illness and suicide. We, in the Sex in the Pews family, are united with them!

What does mental health awareness and celebrating sexuality and exposing the historic ill-effects of religion on the human psyche have in common? Listen and you will know the truth and the truth shall make us free!

This is how Jason's Dad, Dr. Steve Arkin describes the show, "This podcast that I did today goes in several directions. I talk about Jason and his struggles but we also discuss stigma of those affected by mental illness and those affected by suicide. We talk about some of the science regarding identification of mental illness but also why some people respond to one treatment over the other, genetic versus environmental factors and new imaging which could help in treatment plans. We talk about the role of neurotransmitters and the signs of potential suicidality. Particularly isolation both real and perceived. We also talk about socialization issues which contribute to behavior changes. I would like to thank Glenn and Owen for allowing me to have this important discussion with them. Any comments or questions, either here or private message, are welcome. Please share." Thanks, so much, Doc!

NSFW or children. Strong Adult Content, Language, Compassion, Humor, Insight and Condemnation of Religion.

A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking and genital mutilation.


This very special edition of GKO features Carla Berry Staats, Joe Leurs (U.S. Marines Veteran) and Austin Azzarelli (U.S. Army Retired). They are co-founders of W.A.R. – Warriors At Rest.

W.A.R’s. mission is to assist combat service-members and first responders heal, energize, and become aware of their inner strengths. They achieve their objectives by providing a neutral safe space, listening to concerns, and customizing a treatment plan using proven methods including Equine Therapy, Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), and holistic technology currently used by NASA. Austin and Joe know from whence they came, having both been wounded in combat. Carla has been working with veterans for many years and has brought these two remarkable heroes together to make a significant contribution to the healing of their fellow warriors and our first responders.

Now you have the chance to meet these amazing beautiful humans and hear their incredible stories of triumph and compassion.

Visit WAR @ https://war-warriorsatrest.org/       

GKO returns with a bang as best-selling author Rich Cohen joins us online to talk about his new book: “The Last Pirate of New York: A Ghost Ship of a Killer and the Birth of a Gangster Nation” plus so much more!

We learn about Rich’s father Herb Cohen who was known as the “World’s Greatest Negotiator” as he negotiated with the Soviet Union and who Donald Trump wrote a blurb for his book causing the elder Cohen to say that if Trump won the presidency, he would get the ambassadorship to Barbados. Hasn’t worked out that way so far.

The guys talk about Rich’s relationships with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, the Rolling Stones, Willie Nelson, Harry Caray, Irv Kupcinet, Mark Bazer, Billy Williams, why George Halas helped the Green Bat Packers, the Sopranos, the Godfather, organized crime, the JFK assassination, and the mob’s ties to presidents like James Buchanan, FDR, Harry Truman and Kennedy, Rich salves Glenn’s wounded emotions from the collapse of the Tampa Bay Lightning, compares and contrasts that with their shared love of the Chicago Cubs and his commitment to writing the history of Camp Menominee, already titled, “Hats Off to Thee”.

If you enjoy smart and entertaining podcasts, you are not going to want to miss this one. It ain’t going to be boring!

Chicago native and psychotherapist David Schwartz comes online for a rare occurrence—a double dip show with GKO and Sex in the Pews. A fascinating, wide-ranging conversation ensues with David explaining why experiencing winters in colder climes is beneficial. Glenn steals a line from Jeff Goldblum and makes the case for rationalizations. Then the fellas discuss the importance of “the story you tell” and David and his family’s huge impact on Glenn’s camp career (including their support during “the religious years”), David’s own podcast “Don’t Be a Dick” is resurrected, the Coach makes the case why being a dick should be considered a positive thing, plus way more! It definitely ain’t going to be boring!!! 

NSFW or children. Strong Sexual Content, Language, Intellect, Humor and Condemnation of Religion. 

A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking.

Although we may be slightly biased, Angel Gabriel is be one of the most talented up and coming singers and musicians on the scene. In this GKO, we learn how Angel met the Coach’s daughter Hannah at age 16, how it felt coming into a family with four brothers, his Fantasy Camp experience, the difference in racial attitudes between Savannah and Atlanta (and the powerful song which he wrote about America’s race issues), about his relationship with his father-in-law, lots of music and much more. This one ain’t boring and is a ton of fun.

Strong Language AND Genius Music.

A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking.            

“When they reject you, they are doing you a favor.,” said special guest Marshall Burtcher

On the most powerful GKO, the Coach’s most recent Life Coach Marshall Butcher comes Online bringing his expertise and considered experience to the Beautiful Humans. An expert in helping people heal from toxic codependency, Marshall knows from whence he comes. He is a survivor of narcissistic abuse and chronic childhood emotional neglect.  Marshall has walked the path of loneliness, being haunted by the shame that never seemed to end, chasing love that no one ever seemed to be able to give him. In this episode, Marshall not only articulates and emotes about his own experience but also helps Owen understand some of the co-dependent toxicity he has experienced.

Everyone has experienced the detrimental effects of co-dependency. Everyone should listen here and to know help is available at FreetheSelf.com. It ain’t going to be boring. That’s for sure.

Strong Language, Emotions and Humor. A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking.            

Glenn was recently challenged philosophically by what he heard on Joe Rogan’s podcast with Russell Brand. First of all, Owen does an hilarious spot-on Russell Brand impression. Then the Boys discuss the lessons learned and missed post 9/11, Libertarian Presidential Candidate Harry Browne’s strategy about it, Glenn’s relationship with Harry, leadership traits discussed about the Founding Fathers, FDR, Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump, what a possible scenario or leader would look like that would bring the U.S. together, and why Joe Rogan’s and Thomas Jefferson’s comments may be leading Glenn to further evolve his political perspective. It ain’t going to be boring, to be sure.

Strong Language and Humor. A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking.  

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