This important episode commences with Glenn celebrating his son Angel’s 31st birthday which is today, OSYS Studios, tonight’s Yonder Mountain String Band concert, and his time in Nashville. We hear of superstar Michael Bublé’s take on being lucky, the great late Jeff Austin, succumbing to (not committing) suicide. Then we meet former pastor and current Director of Communications of the Gospel Revolution, Green Bay, Wisconsin’s very own Daniel Rouse. The guys discuss: real “love” being a position—not an action, how words actually have original meanings, how things because “a thing”, the critical nature of understanding our true identity, the genius of Michael Lilborn Williams, women chewing tobacco, the movie “Titanic”, not thinking about sex, why people used to cover their entire bodies, getting some sun and cooperating with the way Earth was created, the logic of a creator, religion and women, prayer vs an AK-47, “but for the grace of God there go I”, Putin’s depression and possible change-of-mind, how Michael saved Glenn’s life, the general effectiveness of prayer and specifically praying for Ukraine, plus so much more! It ain’t going to be boring.                 

Glenn Klein Online tackles the war in Ukraine in a way you will only hear here.

We learn about Vladimir Putin’s motivation in Ukraine, the response of the civilized world this time as opposed to Putin’s wars in Chechnya and Syria, why people in places like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many states in the U.S. put up with restrictions on their freedom during the pandemic, why the news media is covering Ukraine the way they are, the war crimes of Russia and the U.S., President Biden’s role in Putin’s decision to move on Ukraine, the old MADD (Mutually Assured Destruction Doctrine) from the Cold War, the difference between Bush’s, Obama’s, and Biden’s approach to Putin vs Trump’s, the insanity of repeating past destructive patterns whether globally or personally, how to maintain a sense of humor during tragedy, what we can glean as individuals during historically tough times, plus so much. As always, GKO articulates ultimate optimism for the future as we close with our traditional “We are Love” theme from Angel Gabriel. It ain’t going to be boring.     

Episode #60 of GKO reunites our mental health warriors and advocates. as Dr. Steve Arkin, co-founder of, rejoins the quality podcast with Da Coach.


The show commences with Glenn rehearsing how he and Dr. Steve met, how he was healed from mental illness, the hiccup in their relationship, and why if the two of them would have been in charge of COVID policy together things could have gone much differently. Then Glenn and Steve discuss their shared love of sports, the upcoming Super Bowl, married doctor couples like Karen and Steve, why Glenn likes his own posts on Facebook, how the Arkins turned tragedy into triumph, de-stigmatizing the whole issuer of mental illness, changing the why we think and talk about it, preventing suicide, how Steve changed Glenn's life, why we are now in what Steve termed “a pandemic of mental illness”, plus so much more! It ain’t going to be boring. The potentially life-changing closing theme “We are Love” by Angel Gabriel closes out on helluva podcast!          

An amazing GKO episode begins with Da Coach celebrating the end of this quarter’s Mercury Retrograde and reviewing: how you "can't get out your head until your dead”, prejudging information, his early experience with hypnosis as a young man, not rolling over for gate-keepers, his blog on Antonio Brown, the health-freedom coalition, and the definition change of the “v” word. Then world-renowned hypnotherapist Debbie Lane ( enters from the Jingleheimer Schmidt Pharms Green Room. Glenn and Debbie discuss why she and her husband are moving to Ecuador, the discernible energy level shift of different locales, 1950s-60s American television, hypnotherapy backsliders, the job of your subconscious, a profound hypnotherapy story, why you DON'T want to “lose” weight, kids “mourning” their poop, hearing your parents’ voice, falling asleep effectively, the best thing you can do for your subconscious, Bill Cosby, facing the truth, why forgiveness is a “selfish” act, getting over mental illness, don’t take ownership over certain things, what mindfulness practice can do, being here to learn, Glenn’s childhood bike accident and molestation, plus (believe it or not) so much more! It ain’t going to be boring. The show concludes with Angel Gabriel’s anthem, “We are Love”.

This fresh edition of GKO commences with Da Coach announcing: an opening for a new client, Bill Maher’s take on his time in Florida, Joe Biden’s “fair and square” stealing of the election, Time Magazine’s “The Shadow Campaign”, his current health challenges, his spiritual perspective on what in the world is happening and why regarding issues like the US’ southern border, universal health care and income, gender fluidity, etc. and their proponents. Then Glenn welcomes his favorite atheist author and philosopher James Stevens Valliant back online who describes our host as “prophetic”. The guys continue and engage in an amazing, wide-ranging discussion about: the potential for war in Ukraine, the morality and “religion of Covidism”, Robert Gates’ and Barack Obama’s respective opinions of Joe Biden, the political party of slavery and Jim Crow, systemic racism, current Antisemitism and anti-Asian sentiment, power and control dynamics, societal pendulum swings, the divisiveness of Donald J. Trump, Ron DeSantis, smoking on planes and in restaurants, Glenn’s COVID-related donations, Howard Stern, how the left and right flipped, Jane Fonda’s statement “COVID is God’s gift to the left”, the differences and similarities between Hitler and Stalin, should Biden be impeached, Hannah’s dream, the cure for COVID, Jay Mohr's prostate exam, plus (believe it or not), so much more! It ain’t going to be boring. The episode closes with our Angel’s genius, “We are Love”. ENJOY, BEAUTIFUL HUMANS!                

Our host with the most commences this power-packed episode with rehearsing the fact that 2022’s first Mercury Retrograde is starting, what he would remove AND add to the planet if he could before he welcomes Steven Harkins online. Steven is the Director of Education and Culture for North American Herb and Spice in the Chicago area. The guys discussion includes: Steven’s recent victorious battle with the virus, people who have also overcome COVID-19 with supplementation and products like the raw, wild oregano oil (Oreganol) from NAHS, how Glenn and Steven met, the way Steven helped Da Coach get over panic attacks, plus so much more! It ain’t going to be boring. Angel Gabriel’s “We are Love” closes out another great GKO.   

Glenn Klein Online is reunited with Kiersty Correll in this episode all about being “cancelled”.

Being out of practice, the show commences with our cohorts screwing-up the opening and then reminiscing a bit about their days together in the Pews and why that podcast ended. Glenn breaks-out his coaching hat and explains why cancel culture has taken such hold in our society and why it has intensified during the pandemic. Our Dynamic Duo goes into detail about how they have both recently been cancelled from certain close personal relationships, why that happened, and how to effectively cope with the power and control dynamic and life’s trauma like the rape and abuse Kiersty and Glenn have experienced respectively. It ain’t going to be boring. The program closes with our traditional “We are Love” anthem courtesy of Angel Gabriel.           

Glenn Klein welcomes back Online Spike Cohen, the Libertarian Party’s 2020 Vice Presidential Nominee (and the 2024 presumptive LP Presidential Candidate-our presumption).

The episode commences with our two libertarian stalwarts discussing: “I Spike New York”, flying private, Spike’s various Milennial Generation records, hair plugs, being a capitalist, Ashkenazi and Messianic Jews, Ricky Velez, Joe Lieden, aging politicians, Kennedy, FOX News, Greg Gutfeld, Russia Today, spirituality, Ron DeSantis, Andrew Gillum, Donald Trump, Libertarian successes in last week’s elections, Libertarians as spoilers, Spike’s future plan, plus so much more! The show closes with Angel Gabriel’s brilliant “We are Love”.  It ain’t going to be boring.        

Glenn Klein Online returns with a flourish as WSB-TV Atlanta’s Sports Director Zach Klein joins us from the World Series.

The Klein cousins preview the Fall Classic between the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves which begins tonight. With Zach standing in center field of Minute Made Park in Houston, the guys discuss being a parent of athletic kids, the impact of MLB’s decision to take-away the All-Star Game from Atlanta, the great late Henry Aaron, Zach’s weight management motivation, plus so much more. Music from Angel Gabriel closes the Post Game Show. It ain’t going to be boring.     

The season’s final episode of GKO commences with our host and coach discussing: the power of embracing life’s inevitable moments including tragic ones like death, the celebration of his Papa Harold’s life and 114th birthday, his connection to Las Vegas, why having an historical perspective is so important, and why this generation's challenges may be the greatest ever. Then we hear: a review of Glenn’s book “Early Wake-Up Call” and his review of that as he takes a bit of a victory lap, of the critical nature of mindfulness practice, what he will doing this summer including writing a new book, the religiousness of both the right AND the left, plus much more. It ain’t going to be boring.          

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