Glenn Klein Online marks the 20th Anniversary of his conversations with one of the greatest sports broadcasters in history, Tampa Bay Rays TV Play-By-Play Man, Dewayne Staats.

While we have heard Dewayne on air for decades, you may never have heard him like this. The episode commences with our host rehearsing: how he exorcised the “Devil” from the Rays, his successful April Fools’ joke last week, how Rush Limbaugh got him fired, and getting dumped from his award winning talk show in Milwaukee after asking a question about hockey. Then we learn: how Dewayne’s broadcasting career almost never happened, how he has gone 45 years announcing Major League Baseball, about the late great Dan Kelly, about Vin Scully’s tragedies, how Dewayne has dealt with tragedy in his own life, about his formative years growing up near St. Louis, what it would take it for Dewayne to shave his iconic mustache, dealing with mental illness, the importance of spirituality, Carla Staats being a big fan of Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Joe Dispenza’s research, the Rays late Jean Ramirez who succumbed to suicide during the off season, the best advice for someone suffering from suicidal ideation, about the effectiveness of prayer or meditating “the truth”, why a deal was struck ending MLB’s work stoppage, the movie “Thirteen Days”, the Cuban Missile Crisis, Dewayne “channeling” Cold War era Secretary of State Dean Acheson, how the Rays’ stadium search will ultimately conclude, the Las Vegas Athletics, the “Rays’ Way”, Ron DeSantis, George W. Bush’s past in baseball and the time he asked Dewayne for his take on a potential trade, Baseball’s Power Rankings, why the Rays should be “America’s Team”, Glenn’s son Angel’s closing anthem “We are Love”, plus (believe it or not) so much more! It ain’t going to be boring.          

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