This timely episode benefits from Glenn Klein Online’s son and frequent guest Jacob Klein's return to the show. It all commences with Da Coach rehearsing: how he learned Angel’s joke, being clumsy and a defensive aggressive driver, what being supernatural actually means, violence as a solution, what was the dynamic at play prior to Will Smith-Chris Rock's altercation, what Will should have done, why Chris made that joke, the precedent that was set, Will’s awful apology, and breaking past patterns of behavior. Then we learn about: Jacob’s farm and his RV home the legendary “Breaking Bud”, the importance of changing your thinking, why his company is called “Jingleheimer Schmidt Pharms”, Jake as a stand-up comic, being inebriated at key life moments, Harry Caray, Jim Carrey, Tom Brady, Tony Robbins, Tucker Carlson, “I’m Dying Up Here”, “Crashing”, open marriage, Don Rickles, Hollywood as a moral compass, Louis CK’s apology and how Will could have apologized, killing comedy, choosing “tribes”, how authoritarians sew the seed of their own destruction, plus a crap load more. It ain’t going to be boring. NSFW. .   

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