An amazing GKO episode begins with Da Coach celebrating the end of this quarter’s Mercury Retrograde and reviewing: how you "can't get out your head until your dead”, prejudging information, his early experience with hypnosis as a young man, not rolling over for gate-keepers, his blog on Antonio Brown, the health-freedom coalition, and the definition change of the “v” word. Then world-renowned hypnotherapist Debbie Lane ( enters from the Jingleheimer Schmidt Pharms Green Room. Glenn and Debbie discuss why she and her husband are moving to Ecuador, the discernible energy level shift of different locales, 1950s-60s American television, hypnotherapy backsliders, the job of your subconscious, a profound hypnotherapy story, why you DON'T want to “lose” weight, kids “mourning” their poop, hearing your parents’ voice, falling asleep effectively, the best thing you can do for your subconscious, Bill Cosby, facing the truth, why forgiveness is a “selfish” act, getting over mental illness, don’t take ownership over certain things, what mindfulness practice can do, being here to learn, Glenn’s childhood bike accident and molestation, plus (believe it or not) so much more! It ain’t going to be boring. The show concludes with Angel Gabriel’s anthem, “We are Love”.

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