This fresh edition of GKO commences with Da Coach announcing: an opening for a new client, Bill Maher’s take on his time in Florida, Joe Biden’s “fair and square” stealing of the election, Time Magazine’s “The Shadow Campaign”, his current health challenges, his spiritual perspective on what in the world is happening and why regarding issues like the US’ southern border, universal health care and income, gender fluidity, etc. and their proponents. Then Glenn welcomes his favorite atheist author and philosopher James Stevens Valliant back online who describes our host as “prophetic”. The guys continue and engage in an amazing, wide-ranging discussion about: the potential for war in Ukraine, the morality and “religion of Covidism”, Robert Gates’ and Barack Obama’s respective opinions of Joe Biden, the political party of slavery and Jim Crow, systemic racism, current Antisemitism and anti-Asian sentiment, power and control dynamics, societal pendulum swings, the divisiveness of Donald J. Trump, Ron DeSantis, smoking on planes and in restaurants, Glenn’s COVID-related donations, Howard Stern, how the left and right flipped, Jane Fonda’s statement “COVID is God’s gift to the left”, the differences and similarities between Hitler and Stalin, should Biden be impeached, Hannah’s dream, the cure for COVID, Jay Mohr's prostate exam, plus (believe it or not), so much more! It ain’t going to be boring. The episode closes with our Angel’s genius, “We are Love”. ENJOY, BEAUTIFUL HUMANS!                

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