“When they reject you, they are doing you a favor.,” said special guest Marshall Burtcher

On the most powerful GKO, the Coach’s most recent Life Coach Marshall Butcher comes Online bringing his expertise and considered experience to the Beautiful Humans. An expert in helping people heal from toxic codependency, Marshall knows from whence he comes. He is a survivor of narcissistic abuse and chronic childhood emotional neglect.  Marshall has walked the path of loneliness, being haunted by the shame that never seemed to end, chasing love that no one ever seemed to be able to give him. In this episode, Marshall not only articulates and emotes about his own experience but also helps Owen understand some of the co-dependent toxicity he has experienced.

Everyone has experienced the detrimental effects of co-dependency. Everyone should listen here and to know help is available at FreetheSelf.com. It ain’t going to be boring. That’s for sure.

Strong Language, Emotions and Humor. A portion of all proceeds donated to combat human sex slave trafficking.            

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